Collectibles Gallery

Combining memorabilia and collectibles into an attractive display may seem overwhelming to some, but for us it’s a labor of love. We thrive on the creativity of framing collectibles and finding the best casings, matting, placement and more to highlight your special treasures. We care about what you are framing.

Custom Containers

We have worked with memorabilia and collectibles of all sizes and shapes and all of our casings are custom-made to uniquely display your cherished items. We use frames, shadow boxes, plexiboxes, flag boxes and more. We imagine your project from the inside out: we don’t squeeze your treasured memorabilia into precut matting. We tailor the size of the matting and display to feature your items.

Unique Details

Ensuring that your memorabilia is featured most attractively, we pay careful attention to details. When framing collectibles, we ensure that your display looks beautiful from every angle. If the unfinished side of an item shows, we can wrap that area with fabric to maintain an attractive appearance.

Autograph Mats

Personal messages surrounding a photo or certificate have become a treasured gift for weddings, baby showers, graduations and retirements. We can help you pre-plan for the appropriate size matting and framing to have available for your special event. We also stock many of these supplies and can often have them arranged “same-day” for last-minute gifts and presentations.

What a Collection

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to work with quite an array of objects to display: sports jerseys, golf clubs and scorecards, hockey stick and puck, full size kimono, pottery, tapestry, a child’s first ballerina dress and program, baseball and bat, musical instruments and sheet music, judge’s robe, guitars, violin, banjo and more. Even a hodgepodge shoe box of trinkets can be creatively arranged to present a beautiful display. Whatever you want displayed, we will find the best way to frame it.